EVRAZ in figures


Consolidated revenues by segment, US$ million
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Consolidated EBITDA by segment, US$ million
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Net debt
million ↓ 3% year-on-year
CAPEXIncluding payments on deferred terms recognised in financing activities.
million ↓ 14% year-on-year
Net profit
million ↑ 2.4x year-on-year

Operating highlights

Crude steel output, kt
Steel products outputNet of re-rolled volumes., kt
Iron ore products output, kt
Raw coking coal production, kt
Coking coal concentrate production, kt
Gross vanadium slag production,In tonnes of pure vanadium. mtV

CSR highlights

LTIFR (excluding fatalities), per million hours
Key air emissions, kt
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EVRAZ GHG emissions, MtCO2e
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Fresh water consumption, million m3
Diversity, % (number of people)
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Employees by region
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Shareholder structure

Geographic dispersion of institutional shareholders, % of voting rights
chart Geographic dispersion of institutional shareholders
Ultimate beneficial owners, % of voting rightsThe number of shares per dealing notification dated 20 June 2019.