Community Relations


Guided by the international principles of corporate social responsibility, EVRAZ strives to make a meaningful contribution to the regions where it operates. In 2020, the Group focused its community relations efforts on COVID-19 prevention and response.

An important aspect of this work involved engaging with employees and the public about the actions that EVRAZ is taking to fight the pandemic. This information included safety precautions people can take, ways how to diagnose infection and where they can receive medical care. The Group also promoted a social media challenge to provide medical workers with protective equipment and disinfectants.

Throughout the year, EVRAZ continued to implement its programmes supporting projects in education, sport, ecology, urban development and charity. Despite the new restrictions and risks associated with the pandemic, the Group sought to foster a meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders.

The Group’s charity funds in the Urals and Siberia select projects based on the EVRAZ Social Investments Guidelines. Priorities include supporting families in need, orphanages and veterans, financing educational, sport and cultural projects, as well as subsidising healthcare and environmental protection programmes.

In 2020, EVRAZ has conducted an analysis of its charitable activities and surveyed the residents of the cities where its operations are located. The residents believe that EVRAZ should provide better health care support, including support of children with disabilities, improvement of urban environment and leisure spaces. In this regard, EVRAZ plans to update its corporate social responsibility priorities and develop dedicated programs for the next 5-10 years.

Nash metall nujen strane
Narodnyi korrespondent

Federal and regional events

EVRAZ organises events to support sport, the environment, and the social and cultural development of cities. It also participates in national programmes, as well as federal and international forums. Due to the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, most events in 2020 were held online or in a hybrid format.

During the reporting period, the Group participated in the “Innosocium” nationwide competition of social projects and the WorldSkills Hi-Tech national championship of working professions. It was also a strategic partner of the INNOPROM International Industrial Fair. In addition, EVRAZ partnered with the “Ecology of Russia. Regional Aspect” online marathon, which Kommersant Publishing House held in Siberia.

In 2020, EVRAZ partnered with RUSAL to organise the third annual “Create. Embody. Evaluate” project workshop. This educational event was part of the “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” grant contest and RUSAL’s “School of Urban Change” social programme. More than 500 people from 80 Russian cities participated in the online workshop.

EVRAZ supports the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre and the “Science for Children” Endowment Fund, as well as Moscow’s Meshchersky Park and Documentary Film Centre. The Group also assists the “Connection” Deaf-Blind Support Foundation and other local charitable organisations.



In 2020, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ranked EVRAZ second in its list of the top 10 companies at management environmental risk. This was part of the WSJ’s ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainably managed companies. In explaining its decision, WSJ cited the Group’s waste management efforts and focus on energy efficiency projects.

In 2020, EVRAZ was recognised at the Association of Communications and Corporate Media Directors of Russia’s annual Best Corporate Video competition. The Group’s videos “Stronger than Steel”, “The Choice is Yours” and “IT Transformation at EVRAZ” won first or second place in the “PR Video”, “HSE Video” and “IR Video” categories.

At the InterComm-2020 awards, the EVRAZ project “People’s Correspondent. To the Factory? To the People!” won the “Dream Job” nomination. The “Risk Management” project also took the silver prize in the “Team Energy” nomination.

Brand Finance, a consulting agency that has been ranking global brands for more than 20 years, named EVRAZ among the year’s 50 strongest Russian brands.

The EVRAZ News corporate newspaper won the “Best Corporate Media in the Metallurgical Industry of Russia and the CIS – 2020” competition. The award was presented by Metal Supply and Sales magazine.


Public organisations and business associations

EVRAZ is a member of key industry, business and charity associations, including:

  • Russian Managers’ Association.
  • Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
  • Russian Steel.
  • Russian Metallurgists’ Association.
  • Steel Construction Development Association.
  • National Association for Subsoil Examination.
  • Association of Railway Product Producers.
  • Russian Railways Consumer Council.
  • Donor’s Forum.

Key projects

EVRAZ participates in various federal youth programmes and works closely with academic institutions. The Group finances the purchase of school supplies and sport equipment, grants scholarships and provides vocational guidance for students. It also offers training in accordance with the WorldSkills methodology, arranges work study programmes for students and provides internships for graduates.

EVRAZ places a high priority on supporting children in orphanages and children with special needs. These efforts include ongoing programmes that provide assistance and rehabilitation for children with health limitations and cerebral palsy.

EVRAZ for kids

Case study

In December 2020, EVRAZ partnered with the “Gift for an Angel” charity fund to launch the “School for Special Parents” online project in Siberia.

The project offers a five-month home rehabilitation training programme for 30 parents of children with cerebral palsy in Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk. The parents will receive training from leading national experts in speech therapy, psychology, physical therapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

EVRAZ for kids
EVRAZ for kids

The “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” grant contest aims to engage people to improve public spaces, protect the environment and develop social initiatives. The project seeks to increase participation in social design, urban improvement, environmental education and preservation of urban natural resources. The programme provides seminars and business planning training for potential grant recipients.

Since 2017, the contest has been held in four cities where the Group operates. In 2020, the contest received 193 applications from Siberia and 142 from the Urals. Of these, 44 projects received grants totalling RUB14.5 million. Overall, the projects received more than 78,000 votes and the programme’s website had 136,000 visitors.

EVRAZ for sport
EVRAZ for sport

Case study

Several “EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas” projects were implemented in 2020.

The Group helped to set up a multifunctional lean production lab at Siberian State Industrial University. The lab uses active and interactive teaching methods, including via e-learning and distance learning technology, to teach students the principles of lean production.

EVRAZ also helped Nizhny Tagil’s Children’s and Youth Centre to create a new facility called the “Astrocentre”. The programme aims to provide children a modern understanding of how the universe is structured. The centre also holds space-themed public events, excursions, seminars and lectures.

EVRAZ invests to improve urban infrastructure in cities and towns in the regions where it operates. The Group sponsors medical, educational and cultural institutions and projects. In 2020, supporting healthcare facilities became a top priority due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

oborudovanie dlya Tashtagolskoy bolnicy
oborudovanie dlya Tashtagolskoy bolnicy

Case studies

  • In Kemerovo, Sverdlovsk and Tula regions, EVRAZ acquired protective gear and equipment for regional medical, social and educational institutions. The Group outfitted a modern laboratory for the Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Sverdlovsk region. It also purchased ventilators for hospitals in Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar, as well as medicine and medical equipment to supply oxygen to patients with pneumonia. An ambulance was provided for the doctors at the Nikomed medical facility. EVRAZ also provided funding for the construction of a municipal infectious disease hospital in Novokuznetsk. In addition, the Group joined the Far East and Arctic Development Fund’s initiative to help regions in Russia’s Far East Federal District to fight COVID-19.
  • For the 90th anniversary of Novokuznetsk’s Siberian State Industrial University, EVRAZ provided funding to create two research and educational centres. The first is focused on Environmental Geology and the second functions as a Digital Competence Centre.
  • The Group helped to create the “History of Metallurgy” museum complex at the Mosolov Museum Estate in the Tula region village of Dubna. The museum was created and the estate was restored in preparation for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the construction of Tula’s Kremlin.

EVRAZ strives to develop sport infrastructure in the cities where it operates. The Group supports amateur and professional sport teams, and sponsors national and regional competitions. EVRAZ also works to popularise sport and healthy lifestyles among its employees and their family members.

EVRAZ for sport
EVRAZ for sport
EVRAZ for sport

Case study

This year EVRAZ held the 6th High-Five! Race, in a combined format. Participants had one week to perform a run in an individual mode. They could choose the route they took, and the distance for adults was five kilometres and for children one kilometre. Each runner shared their route and time on the race website, could view their position in overall standings, and received an e-diploma for taking part. Those who began preparing in advance had an opportunity to take a course of 16 trainings conducted by guest trainers in running and general physical training and published weekly on the race website. High five! brought together people from 36 cities, with the youngest participant aged younger than three, and the oldest being 70 years old.

EVRAZ volunteers

While EVRAZ does not have an official policy regarding volunteering, for many years the Group’s employees have been helping people in difficult situations. These efforts include supporting children’s institutions, as well as organising various sport and social events.

For example, employees of EVRAZ ZSMK have been sponsoring two orphanages for more than 70 years: Orphanage No. 95 and Island of Hope. In 2020, the plant’s women’s public organisation, management and primary labour union continued to work on the social adaptation of orphans and children left without parental care. The children are taught independent housekeeping, cooking, cutting and sewing skills. They also attend vocational guidance classes, engage in sport and competitions, and visit cultural events. In addition, material aid is provided to orphanages. In 2020, many events were held online.

Participants in the “EVRAZ Beauty – 2020” competition in the Urals held creative workshops for children with health limitations. They also assisted with equine therapy classes.

The Group’s employees volunteered to give New Year gifts from EVRAZ to children with health limitations.

Fotosessiya v kostumah
Krasa master-klass
Krasa master-klass2

New projects

In 2020, the Group continued to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that focuses on digital channels as the most relevant format during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crisis communications: EVRAZ Against COVID-19

In 2020, the Group updated its internal corporate portal with two new pages. The first, “EVRAZ Against COVID-19”, provides current information about the efforts that it is taking to fight the pandemic. The second, “Secure Office”, contains workplace policies and COVID-19 prevention services in the office of the management company.

The Group’s Russian and North American enterprises organised regular mailing to the employees of EVRAZ against COVID-19 and Coronavirus information bulletins. They provide up-to-date information about how the pandemic is impacting the Group, country and world. They also contain recommendations for employees to follow, as well as information about helpful internal and external services.

In Russia, more than 40,000 EVRAZ employees received a phone call with a recording of the renowned sport announcer Nobel Arustamyan. He offered them information about COVID-19 prevention and recommendations on how to stay healthy in their leisure time.

Throughout the pandemic, the management of EVRAZ has focused its business media communication strategy on the Group’s COVID-19 prevention measures and sustainability efforts.

EVRAZ strives to provide transparent information to employees and the broader public. As part of these efforts, the Group’s corporate media has published 389 articles and 11 videos about pandemic safety measures. EVRAZ released a joint video project with Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House called “You Can’t Weld Metal Remotely”. The Group has also produced the “Thank You” video series, a separate series of social media publications with the online artist Gudim about safety during the pandemic, as well as the “What I’ll Do After” project. Overall, these publications reached more than 1.2 million users.

In Russia, EVRAZ held a social media challenge called “We Don’t Risk” on VKontakte and Instagram. For each post or story made as part of the challenge, the Group sent masks and disinfectants to medical workers in the cities where it operates.

Brand update

In 2020, EVRAZ refreshed its corporate brand to reflect its goals with the new tagline “For A Better Future”. The updated brand reflects the Group’s commitment to continuous development together with its clients and partners. It also brings out the expertise and global outreach of its business, emphasises the synergies among its assets and highlights its social responsibility.

The new brand concept was developed together with international branding agency Siegel+Gale. All core components of the brand were modernised, including positioning, communication platform attributes and visuals. The update covered the EVRAZ brand and sub-brands.

Corporate media ecosystem

In 2020, the Group created an editorial office to coordinate its online and offline corporate media efforts. This includes the EVRAZ News corporate newspaper and EVRAZ TV, as well as the Group’s web portal and social media presence.

This effort has driven quantitative and qualitative improvements in the production of multiplatform content. The editorial team has created more than 4,000 minutes of video and more than 1,700 pieces of content, reaching 7.5 million users.

In the past year, EVRAZ has more than doubled the size of its social media audience on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to 36,100 subscribers.

In addition, the editorial team has streamed 42 broadcasts via corporate channels available only to the Group’s employees. This includes town hall meetings with senior executives, staff award ceremonies and other corporate events.

“People’s Correspondent. To the factory? To the people!”

Inspired by the Russian travel show “Heads and Tails”, 12 young EVRAZ employees visited cities in Siberia and the Urals where the Group has facilities. Each city was featured in an episode that paired two presenters, one of whom explored local tourist sights while the other visited a production asset.

The “People’s Correspondent” series was broadcast on the EVRAZ YouTube channel and social media accounts, as well as local television stations. Overall, they received more than 1.46 million views and around 6,000 reactions.

The presenters explained complex technological processes to the audience in an easily understandable manner and shared interesting details about the production facilities. They also highlighted unusual tourist sights and interesting historical facts about each of the cities.