CAPEX and key projects

In 2020, EVRAZ’ capital expenditures fell to US$657 million, compared with US$762 million a year earlier. Capital expenditures (including those recognised in financing activities) for 2020 (in millions of US dollars) can be summarised as follows.

Capital expenditures in 2020
Development Projects
Steel segment
Tashtagol iron ore mine upgrade at EVRAZ ZSMK mining site
The project’s aim is to increase annual ore production at the Tashtakolsky deposit with a partial switch to sublevel caving using mobile equipment.
Sobstvenno-Kachkanarsky deposit greenfield project
The project’s aim is to maintain production of raw ore.
Rail and beam mill modernisation at EVRAZ NTMK
The project’s aim is to increase the production of beams and of sheet piles.
Steel, North America segment
Long rail mill at EVRAZ Pueblo
The project’s aim is to replace the existing rail facility and meet the needs of customers for long rail products.
Electric arc furnace (EAF) repowering at EVRAZ Regina
The project’s aim is to increase prime coil and plate production at EVRAZ Regina and reduce electrode consumption.
Coal segment
Acquisition of equipment at Osinnikovskaya mine
Acquisition of equipment fully compliant with mining and geological conditions to provide the projected longwall load on a monthly basis.
Access and development of reserves in the Uskovskaya mine’s seam no. 48
The project’s aim is to prepare the reserves in seam no. 48 for mining
Acquisition of equipment at Alardinskaya mine
The project’s aim is to reduce the time required for transition from longwall to longwall and to increase annual production volumes to 3.2mt.
Access and development of reserves in the Esaulskaya mine’s seam no. 29a
The project’s aim is to relocate mining operations from seam no. 26 to seam no. 29a
Other development projects 56
Maintenance projects
Steel segment
Major overhaul of blast furnace no. 6 at EVRAZ NTMK 80
Technical re-equipment of the air heaters of blast furnace no. 2 at EVRAZ ZSMK 7
Other maintenance projects 371
Total 657