Non-financial reporting

EVRAZ aims to comply with the non-financial reporting requirements contained in sections 414CA and 414CB of the Companies Act 2006. The table below outlines to stakeholders the Group’s position, principal policies, main risks and KPIs on key non-financial areas.

Requirement Group approach and policies Documents Related KPIs Related principal risks

Further information: Environment

Steel and mining production carry a high risk of environmental impact and incidents related to its production processes. EVRAZ pays the utmost attention to environmental matters to prevent or minimise any adverse impact.

Environmental strategy EVRAZ HSE Policy

Code of Business Conduct

EVRAZ has adopted new environmental targets: see Sustainable development section

HSE: Environment


Further information:

Our people;

Health and Safety

EVRAZ strictly complies with national labour laws and best practices of business ethics concerning employee management. Discrimination related to a person’s race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, political views, nationality, age, sexual orientation, etc, is totally unacceptable throughout the Group, as well as at its subcontractors and suppliers.

Due to industry-specific issues, EVRAZ employees and contractors face safety and health risks. Providing a safe work environment is one of the Group’s main core values.


Code of Business Conduct

Diversity and inclusion policy

Human rights policy

LTIFR (per 1 million hours)

Labour productivity, steel (tonnes per person)

HSE: Health and Safety

Social policy

Further information:

Community relations

EVRAZ strives to make a meaningful contribution to local economies and to support communities wherever it operates. The Group supports infrastructure, sport, educational and cultural programmes with the aim of improving the quality of life in local communities. Charitable Donation and Sponsorship Policy

Fulfilment of the Group’s social obligations towards its employees, which were fixed in the collective agreements.

Interaction with local communities in the regions of the Group’s presence during the implementation of various CSR related projects.

Global economic factors, industry conditions and cyclicality, and business interruption

Respect for human rights

Further information:

Our Approach

EVRAZ’ commitments are based on internationally recognised standards and respect for all human rights. Child labour, bonded labour, human trafficking and other forms of slavery are strictly prohibited at all Group subsidiaries and their suppliers. EVRAZ rules also prohibit abusive, harassing, discriminatory, degrading or aggressive speech or conduct.

Code of Business Conduct

Modern Slavery Transparency Statement Human rights policy

Zero tolerance to violation None of EVRAZ’ current principal risks relates to aspects of human rights

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery

Further information:

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery;

Short summary of relevant anti-corruption policies

In accordance with the Group’s policies and procedures, compliance managers scrutinise tender procedures, check potential and existing business partners, vet prospective new candidates, and ensure that the principles set forth in the EVRAZ Anti-corruption Policy and Code of Business

Conduct are adhered to throughout its operations.

Code of Business Conduct

EVRAZ Anti-Corruption Policy:

  • Anti-corruption training policy.
  • Sponsorship and charity policy.
  • Gifts and business entertainment policy.
  • Candidate background and criminal record checks.
  • Conflict of interest policy.
  • Contractor/supplier due diligence checks.
  • EVRAZ Rules on Securities Dealings
Zero tolerance to violation None of EVRAZ’ current principal risks relate to aspects of anti-corruption

EVRAZ’ Strategic Report has been reviewed and was approved by the Board of Directors on 24 February 2021.

By the order of the Board

Alexander Frolov Chief Executive Officer EVRAZ plc

24 February 2021