Sustainable development

EVRAZ environmental strategy until 2030 sets ambitious goals to reduce the negative impact on the environment, which meets the expectations of investors and the society.


  • Reduce specific Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions from EVRAZ's Steel segments (the Steel and North America segments) by 20%, which complies with the Paris Agreement.
  • Utilise 75% of methane (CH4) emitted in the process of degassing carried out during coal mining.
tCO2 e/t steel
utilise 75%
of methane emitted in the process of degassing
  • Reduce total atmospheric emissions from steel production by 33%.
  • Reduce dust emissions from coal mining by 1.5 times.
Total atmosphere emissions
dust emissions (coal)
  • Zero water discharge from steel production.
0 mln m3
water discharge
  • Utilise 95% of waste from metal production and general waste.
  • Recycle 50% of mining waste.
recycle 95%
of gen. and met. waste
recycle 50%
of mining waste

Our approach

EVRAZ understands the responsibility inherent in its position as one of the world’s leading steelmakers and, as such, is committed to integrating sustainable development principles and values into its daily operations. The Group believes that sustainable development will help it to maintain the long-term stability of its business, retain a competitive market position and create value for its stakeholders.

EVRAZ sustainable development initiatives adhere to the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to apply a consistent approach and adopt best practices across its global operations.

The Group bases these commitments on the best international standards and practices, fully endorsing the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights provisions and respecting people’s civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.


Health and safety
Environmental matters
Our people

Social and community matters

EVRAZ strives to adhere to international corporate social responsibility principles by making a meaningful contribution to local economies and supporting communities wherever it operates. Everywhere the Group operates, it seeks to build sustainable, positive partnerships with local governments and non-government organisations, as well as with business, media and other partners.

ESG highlights

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EVRAZ GHG emissions, MtCO2 e

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